Definition of valetudinarianism in English:



See valetudinarian

‘Theatre exists in such an eternally precarious state of valetudinarianism that observers keep predicting its imminent demise.’
  • ‘Personally I don't need an absolute to enable me to distinguish between, say, the good of kindness and the evil of slander, or the good of health and the evil of valetudinarianism.’
  • ‘These monuments to Victorian valetudinarianism were packed with patented paraphernalia such as exercise machines and weightlifting contraptions.’
  • ‘A common characteristic of hypochondriascism and valetudinarianism is that both possess exaggerated fears about potential disability.’



/ˌvaləˌto͞od(ə)nˈerēəˌnizəm/ /ˌvæləˌtud(ə)nˈɛriəˌnɪzəm/