Definition of valetudinary in English:


adjective & nounvaletudinaries

another term for valetudinarian
  • ‘How are we to expect heroic poems from a valetudinary?’
  • ‘And my health being broken as above mentioned, I was valetudinary, and particularly subject to faintings.’
  • ‘It must have been picked up by Sir Peregrine in the course of one of his valetudinary visits to ‘The German Spa.’’
  • ‘However great was his learning, he was not always immured in his chamber; but, being valetudinary, and weak of body, thought it necessary to spend many hours in such exercises as might best relieve him after the fatigue of study.’
  • ‘We would recommend this, not only to the weak and valetudinary, but to all whose business does not oblige them to take sufficient exercise.’