Definition of validation in English:


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  • 1The action of checking or proving the validity or accuracy of something.

    ‘the technique requires validation in controlled trials’
    • ‘we did independent validations for studies of therapy’
    • ‘The first example is a fill-in form with multiple field validations of different types of data using JavaScript.’
    • ‘We applied additional filtering criteria, including phylogenetic validations, to enhance the reliability of our predictions.’
    • ‘This so-called validation of astrology has been circulating about for years.’
    • ‘They can adapt all the fields, screens, calculations, and validations to meet their own requirements.’
    • ‘No biochemical validation was made at this stage.’
    1. 1.1The action of making or declaring something legally or officially acceptable.
      ‘new courses, subject to validation, include an MSc in Urban Forestry’
      • ‘He refers to the validation of the War-time Leases Act.’
      • ‘Regarding the validation of applications, the applications had to be validated by the Appellant using the Bank's credit scoring systems.’
      • ‘Irregular service can be validated either by appearance or an order of the judge, and such validation would be retrospective.’
      • ‘The validation of his claim is a precursor to progressing discussions.’
      • ‘On the day in question, he noticed a Toyota with plates that did not have proper validation.’
    2. 1.2Recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile.
      ‘they have exaggerated needs for acceptance and validation’
      • ‘Publishing technical results in journal articles or presenting them in papers at professional meetings is critically important for validation by professional peers.’
      • ‘Five Oscars wins served as strong validation from the critical community.’
      • ‘Is it some kind of perceived void in ourselves that causes us to seek validation by peering into the lives of those we idolize?’
      • ‘Both stories dramatize the validation that they desire in a world that refuses to recognize them.’
      • ‘Underneath this athletic, seemingly outgoing and affable middle-aged man is a terrified soul ruled by a need for validation from others.’



/ˌvaləˈdāSHən/ /ˌvæləˈdeɪʃən/