Definition of vallecula in English:


nounplural noun valleculae/-ˌlē/ /-ˌlī/

Anatomy Botany
  • A groove or furrow.

    ‘Double swallow to clear residue in the valleculae.’
    • ‘In normal persons, small amounts of food are commonly retained in the valleculae or pyriform sinus after swallowing.’
    • ‘Eight different bones from Australian species of fish and a king prawn shell were selected and each was positioned individually in the tonsil, vallecula and piriform fossa.’
    • ‘Proceed with the curved blade into the vallecula or straight over the epiglottis with the straight blade.’
    • ‘Examination of the oropharynx revealed a large midline mass extending along the posterior pharyngeal wall from the level of soft palate to vallecula.’



/vəˈlekyələ/ /vəˈlɛkjələ/


Mid 19th century from a late Latin variant of Latin vallicula, diminutive of Latin vallis ‘valley’.