Definition of valse in English:


nounplural noun valse

French term for waltz (especially as used in the titles of pieces of music)
‘Only the Étude en forme de valse, promoted by Cortot, still attracts those pianists keen to show off their left-hand technique.’
  • ‘The Grande valse brillante ends the disc as a crowd-pleasing encore.’
  • ‘Here's a conductor who, instead of recording another Beethoven Fifth or Ravel La valse, prefers to bring neglected music back into the spotlight.’
  • ‘Although the beginning of this 11-minute suite sounds like Ravel's La valse swirling up from the mists, the very English waltz proper sets the right tone for the witty and stylized writing of Agatha Christie and Sidney Lumet.’
  • ‘What we have here might be thought of as the inverse of Ravel's La valse.’



/väls/ /vɑls/


Late 18th century via French from German Walzer.