Definition of value proposition in English:

value proposition


  • (in marketing) an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers.

    ‘Even in the allegedly unrelated areas like finance the business needs to live out the value proposition.’
    • ‘The MacBook Air could see a minor refresh to increase its value proposition.’
    • ‘You get two lines to explain your value proposition.’
    • ‘Sometimes they completely miss out on the power of a value proposition.’
    • ‘Improving recovery time should be a key piece of a vendor's value proposition.’
    • ‘Dow says he didn't have to think too hard about the value proposition.’
    • ‘The company developed its marketing strategy in three phases, extending its value proposition beyond online trading.’
    • ‘To be a business partner in every sense of the word, we have to understand the nature of our client value proposition.’
    • ‘At the heart of the SATA value proposition is cost.’
    • ‘On further dips, its value proposition gets really interesting.’
    • ‘The data is then used to improve the value proposition the companies make in their sales pitches.’
    • ‘Reinforce your brand's value proposition with meaningful intangibles, like superior customer service.’
    • ‘With your value proposition in hand, go department by department, function by function, through your business.’
    • ‘To develop the value proposition, the company had to understand what was important to customers in each segment.’
    • ‘The key value proposition to buyers, he says, is a significant reduction in procurement costs.’
    • ‘You might take it for granted each of your employees understands your value proposition.’
    • ‘We initially attracted investors who were most interested in companies that offered a good value proposition.’
    • ‘There is no mystery or magic here to the value proposition of this firm.’
    • ‘This will make us an even more competitive solutions company with a unique value proposition for our customers.’
    • ‘This new price is part of Nintendo's commitment to offer the consumer an unbeatable value proposition.’