Definition of Van Allen belt in English:

Van Allen belt


  • Each of two regions of intense radiation partly surrounding the earth at heights of several thousand kilometers.

    ‘However, it could also be due to a trapped-particle belt around the star - much like the Van Allen belts surrounding the Earth - or even a disk of debris orbiting the star.’
    • ‘Radiation from the Van Allen belt would kill any astronaut that spent enough time there.’
    • ‘The invisible Van Allen belts that circle Earth in a region known as the magnetosphere trap much of this radiation and serve as an umbrella that protects people in low Earth orbit or below.’
    • ‘This so-called ‘safe-zone’ sits in between the radiation-stuffed Van Allen belts.’
    • ‘A 6000 kilometer area between the two Van Allen belts was previously thought to be a ‘safe zone’ where lighter, smaller, cheaper, and less heavily shielded satellites could operate.’


Van Allen belt

/van ˈalən belt/ /væn ˈælən bɛlt/