Definition of van de Velde in English:

van de Velde

proper noun

  • 1The name of a family of Dutch painters.

    1. 1.1Willem (1611–93); known as Willem van de Velde the Elder. He painted marine subjects, was official artist to the Dutch fleet, and worked for Britain's Charles II.
    2. 1.2Willem (1633–1707), son of Willem the Elder; known as Willem van de Velde the Younger. He was also a notable marine artist who painted for Charles II.
    3. 1.3Adriaen (1636–72); son of Willem the Elder. He painted landscapes, portraits, and biblical and genre scenes.


van de Velde

/ˌvan də ˈveldə/ /ˌvæn də ˈvɛldə/