Definición de Van Doren en inglés

Van Doren

Pronunciación /van ˈdôrən/ /væn ˈdɔrən/

proper noun

  • 1The name of a family of US writers and teachers.

    1. 1.1Carl (Clinton) Van Doren (1885–1950), historian and literary critic, noted as the author of the biography Benjamin Franklin (1938).
    2. 1.2Mark (Albert) Van Doren (1894–1972), poet and educator; son of Carl. His work is compiled in Collected Poems (1939).
    3. 1.3Charles (Lincoln) Van Doren (1926–2019), writer and educator; son of Mark. He was involved in a quiz show scandal for having been given the answers prior to his appearances on television's Twenty One in 1957.