Definition of vanadate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvanəˌdāt/ /ˈvænəˌdeɪt/


  • A salt in which the anion contains vanadium and oxygen, especially one of the anion VO₄³.

    ‘Unlike the phosphate ion, vanadate forms five-coordinate complex, mimicking a transition state analog.’
    • ‘Similar dose-dependent inhibition was also observed in the time-course experiments using vanadate and azide.’
    • ‘Acidification was inhibited by vanadate and erythrosin B.’
    • ‘A phosphatase inhibitor, sodium vanadate, reduced the effect of alkaline phosphatase.’
    • ‘When the dyneins have been disabled with vanadate, the remaining structures that bridge the doublets are the nexin links and the radial spokes.’


Mid 19th century from vanadium+ -ate.