Definition of Vancouverite in English:


Pronunciation /vanˈko͞ovəˌrīt/ /vænˈkuvəˌraɪt/


  • A native or inhabitant of Vancouver.

    ‘Vancouverites woke up to a winter wonderland this Friday morning’
    • ‘Last week I met a fellow expatriate Vancouverite outside a bar in Sinchon, the neighbourhood where my host university in Korea is located.’
    • ‘As a Vancouverite, I feel compelled to watch the Winter Olympics taking place in Salt Lake City.’
    • ‘I find myself pronouncing words like a Vancouverite.’
    • ‘Well, I guess that is a contradiction in terms because what it means to be a Vancouverite is a complex and multifaceted thing.’
    • ‘The sun has just come out, which means that, like a good Vancouverite, it's time for me to head outside.’
    • ‘Theatre Under the Stars is a superb annual tradition for Vancouverites.’
    • ‘We Vancouverites have, by North American standards, been blessed by our city planners.’
    • ‘Many Vancouverites don't know that some of the world's top contemporary artists practice here.’
    • ‘Comprising four young Vancouverites, this oddly-named psychedelic folk-rock act will be dropping into Edmonton this week on their first tour of Canada.’
    • ‘About 200 miles east of British Columbia's rainy, cool coast, the Okanagan Valley is where Vancouverites head for a sunny beach vacation.’


  • Relating to Vancouver.

    ‘Vancouverite bands’
    • ‘my Vancouverite affinity for nature’
    • ‘As with many other good Vancouverite bands, I had never heard of them, even though I'm a loyal radio listener, and they've been around since 1998.’
    • ‘Blending cultures are changing - and especially, will change - what it means to be Vancouverite, or Canadian.’
    • ‘Thanks for your bias disclosures in making this a "Vancouverite" or "Canucks" issue.’
    • ‘The re-do was tackled by Vancouverite party hosters Love Dancing.’
    • ‘Labelling the Montreal-based Vancouverite transplant a "curator of culture," Arbutus Records describes her latest effort as a fusion.’