Definition of Vanir in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvänir/ /ˈvɑnɪr/


Scandinavian Mythology
  • A race of Norse gods, allies of the Aesir, that function as fertility divinities.

    ‘He's also allied with many other immortals who are known as Vanirs by the followers of the Antalian Cult.’
    • ‘Like his father and sister, he was originally a Vanir, but he became an important god of the Aesir.’
    • ‘What was done by the Aesirs made the Vanirs terribly angry, and they started preparing themselves for war.’
    • ‘Fortunately, this betrayal did not lead to another war and all the gods of the Vanir were subsequently integrated with the Aesir.’
    • ‘The gods lived in strictly organized communities - in many ways like the owners of a large house at Viking Age - and were divided in two families: Aesirs and Vanirs.’