Definition of vanload in English:



  • An amount of people or things that can be carried in one van.

    ‘a vanload of senior citizens’
    • ‘A vanload of senior citizens from Green Willows - the old folks home near the Erie Canal - is hobbling into Common Grounds.’
    • ‘This forest seems to be a stopping-off place for lost travelers, such as the vanload of teens who are the focus of our story.’
    • ‘Burglars are often undone by carelessness: some get caught red-handed, others are pulled in for traffic offences while driving a vanload of stolen goods.’
    • ‘A vanload of police arrived; I think they sent as many as they could.’
    • ‘The hope is to have at least a vanload of previously loved sports gear to pass on, so maybe it's time to clear out the garage.’
    • ‘On a project in Norway involving sonar work and diving in extreme conditions, Spencer drove for some 50 hours from Newcastle to Scandinavia with a vanload of equipment.’
    cargo, freight, freightage, charge, burden



/ˈvanˌlōd/ /ˈvænˌloʊd/