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(also British vaporise)
  • Convert or be converted into vapor.

    with object ‘there is a large current that is sufficient to vaporize carbon’
    • ‘cold gasoline does not vaporize readily’
    • ‘The intensity of the laser light is sufficient to vaporize material and produce irreversible changes.’
    • ‘The explosion initially vaporizes the surrounding rock and produces a high-temperature cavity.’
    • ‘Laser resurfacing is performed using a beam of laser energy that vaporizes the upper layers of damaged skin at specific and controlled levels of penetration.’
    • ‘The laser actually vaporizes a pinpoint of your skin.’
    • ‘A computerized laser vaporizes a predetermined portion of the cornea.’
    • ‘Also, for early cancers, a doctor may use a laser to vaporize the growth.’
    • ‘Heat vaporizes gasoline and it all burns as a volatile gas.’
    • ‘For example, a gas engine is designed to vaporize gasoline and then ignite it with a spark.’
    • ‘At a sufficiently high temperature the water below would vaporize and form a gas layer that supports the body of water above.’
    • ‘Valued for their predictability, these lasers emit high energy densities within short pulses that vaporize tissue while sparing surrounding skin.’
    • ‘If the alloys are unduly superheated, zinc is vaporized and the chemistry of the alloy is changed.’
    • ‘They've theorized that carbonates in the target rock exploded, vaporizing into carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘However, NH 3 is toxic, chills its surroundings rapidly on vaporizing, and releases heat on contact with water.’
    • ‘The kinetic energy of the meteorite is converted to heat, which vaporizes the surrounding rock as well as much of the meteorite, producing an explosion equivalent to a large nuclear device.’
    • ‘When Earth passes through the debris each August, the bits are vaporized in the atmosphere.’
    • ‘When the asteroid hit, it was vaporized by the extreme energy of the impact.’
    • ‘Before wet wood can burn, heat energy must first supply enough energy to vaporize the water.’
    • ‘This should help illustrate how much energy it takes to vaporize a gallon of water.’
    • ‘Four hundred tons of heavy hydrogen in a real fusion reaction could instantly vaporize a city, but there was no concentrated heavy hydrogen in the building.’
    • ‘Its impact with the ground results in a massive explosion, vaporizing the space object and launching perhaps over a trillion tons of gas, ash and rock dust into the atmosphere.’
    vaporize, become vapour, volatilize
    dry up, vaporize



/ˈvāpəˌrīz/ /ˈveɪpəˌraɪz/