Definition of varicolored in English:


(British varicoloured)

Pronunciation /ˈverēˌkələrd/ /ˈvɛriˌkələrd/


  • Consisting of several different colors.

    ‘the varicolored light from the lanterns’
    • ‘Strange flashes of varicoloured, rainbow light began to appear and disappear on the path before me.’
    • ‘Blessed with white-sand, varicoloured sunsets and warm tropical water, Waikiki, a must-go resort in Honolulu, attracts millions of visitors year round to bask in its playgrounds.’
    • ‘Thin and with a rock star's tufts of varicolored black and blond hair, Adamz is his band's lead singer, guitarist and songwriter.’
    • ‘A color-plate section on glossy paper contains forty-six photos of cut gems and mineral specimens and includes a color photo of the famous Hamlin varicolored tourmaline necklace.’
    • ‘Decoration could be chased or applied, such as borders of silver or gold, or floral swags, laurel wreaths, and stylized scrolls in varicolored gold.’
    • ‘Each little blossom has distinct varicolored markings with yellow and white centers.’
    multicoloured, particoloured, varicoloured, multicolour, many-coloured, many-hued, polychromatic, colourful, prismatic, rainbow-like, rainbow, kaleidoscopic, psychedelic, jazzy, harlequin, motley


Mid 17th century from vari-+ colored.



/ˈverēˌkələrd/ /ˈvɛriˌkələrd/