Definition of varicose in English:



  • Affected by a condition causing the swelling and tortuous lengthening of veins, most often in the legs.

    ‘varicose veins’
    • ‘Ulceration of the skin can occur on the legs as a complication of varicose veins, or of poor circulation due to arteriosclerosis.’
    • ‘These special stockings can also be helpful for those with circulation problems or varicose veins.’
    • ‘Surgical treatment is necessary to treat larger varicose vein clusters.’
    • ‘To avoid getting any skin conditions related to varicose veins, keep your legs well moisturized, but avoid perfumed moisturisers.’
    • ‘Being overweight increases the risk of varicose veins, as does tight clothing and standing up for long periods of time, for example as part of your job.’
    • ‘Initial treatment for varicose veins usually is a compression stocking worn while the patient is not in bed.’
    • ‘Like varicose veins, piles often improve or disappear completely after the baby is born, but occasionally surgery is needed.’
    • ‘Interestingly, age did not clearly affect varicose vein incidence for either gender.’
    • ‘Once the damaged vein is removed, it will not return, but it is possible for new varicose veins to form.’
    • ‘The skin was smooth, blotchy and traversed with varicose veins.’
    • ‘This may mean wearing elastic support hose or even having varicose vein surgery.’
    • ‘Looking at the rest of her leg, it was easy to see varicose veins in abundance.’
    • ‘An exception to this is varicose vein surgery, for which rates dropped everywhere except Northern Ireland.’
    • ‘Most people with varicose veins are not referred to a specialist.’
    • ‘Varicose veins - many people with these also develop piles, although piles are not varicose veins.’
    • ‘In the long term at least one third of patients develop further varicose veins, in either the treated or the untreated leg.’
    • ‘The patient should be examined both lying and standing to detect varicose veins.’
    • ‘As with all disease, the primary treatment for varicose veins and hemorrhoids is prevention.’
    • ‘Painful varicose veins with recurrent phlebitis or skin changes are considered indications for surgery.’
    • ‘In folk medicine it has been used for venous conditions, including hemorrhoids and varicose veins.’



/ˈverəˌkōs/ /ˈvɛrəˌkoʊs/


Late Middle English from Latin varicosus, from varix (see varix).