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  • 1Exhibiting different colors, especially as irregular patches or streaks.

    ‘variegated yellow bricks’
    • ‘It is a beautifully variegated yarn, and was very nice to work with.’
    • ‘So knitting with variegated yarns not only requires a certain amount of persistence but also requires an openness to accepting the pooling effect.’
    • ‘I love subtly variegated yarns, when knitted up they tend to have a heathery effect.’
    • ‘The entering daylight streaks her high-waisted silk gown, as if invaded by sunset, with trails of variegated colours.’
    • ‘The walls and the floor were covered with variegated marbles, and the roof of cedar wood was covered with lead.’
    • ‘Work began on the cathedral in 1064, to be faced in entirely in variegated bands of marble.’
    • ‘The variegated facades of brick, painted aluminum, and stainless steel are Gehry's own brand of contextual design.’
    • ‘Using variegated yarn for the weft automatically creates a delightful striped pattern as the student continues weaving.’
    • ‘I am knitting a scarf in a variegated blue-ish green-ish rainbow-ish tone.’
    • ‘The lung specimens from seven patients with IPF had a variegated appearance, with alternating zones of Obrosis and intervening patches of normal lung at low magnification.’
    • ‘To create the illusion on Shelburne's mocha ware teapot, small particles of dried, variegated wedged clay were thoroughly mixed into a larger batch of blue clay.’
    • ‘Then in the gloaming I can just make out a series of variegated camouflage sheets, the size of lonely single beds, strung between the trunks about 2ft off the ground.’
    • ‘Sea view: snorkelling swimmers at Australia's Barrier Reef can catch an inspiring glimpse of giant clams, sharks and variegated coral.’
    • ‘The frame of the inscribed plaque is also variegated.’
    1. 1.1Botany (of a plant or foliage) having or consisting of leaves that are edged or patterned in a second color, especially white as well as green.
      ‘the variegated form of philadelphus’
      • ‘variegated foliage’
      • ‘Plants with fascinating leaf shapes and variegated foliage can turn your shade garden from a drab, dark place to an intriguing cool retreat.’
      • ‘If you select foliage plants with variegated or lighter colored leaves, they will prefer brighter light.’
      • ‘Marcia especially likes Japanese maples, ornamental grasses, and plants with variegated foliage.’
      • ‘Gilded Hawke is a variegated curly ivy with grey-green central colouring and gold margins.’
      • ‘Yellow variegated leaves are still quite efficient at using the energy of sunlight to produce sugars.’
      multicoloured, particoloured, varicoloured, multicolour, many-coloured, many-hued, polychromatic, colourful, prismatic, rainbow-like, rainbow, kaleidoscopic, psychedelic, jazzy, harlequin, motley
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    2. 1.2Marked by variety.
      ‘his variegated and amusing observations’
      • ‘Many of these young guys, in the youth movement, have highly variegated backgrounds.’
      • ‘Readers, do we need to cultivate a more variegated and positive outlook?’
      • ‘All this material reveals Daley as a writer of more variegated talents than was previously realised.’
      • ‘However, the impact of the so-called Dutch wars on the history of English drama was more variegated.’
      • ‘Erik's professional life was as variegated and diverse as the scholarship, films and videos he championed.’
      • ‘The history of the East India Company is littered with the lives of officials who embraced the variegated Indian lifestyle and saw nothing wrong in marrying into it.’
      • ‘Being organised as part of the Bharat Darshan show series, the programme is expected to be a synthesis of variegated folk art forms of North India.’
      • ‘And who says these guys want an ‘equal, respectful, variegated society at peace with itself’, anyway?’
      • ‘Jerusalem is one of the world's oldest cities, with layer upon variegated layer of culture and tradition bearing witness to ancient origins.’
      • ‘The 15-performance festival raised a plethora of trans-global issues through variegated stimuli.’
      • ‘Most cities are multiple, variegated, diffuse than concentrated, like a view in which one first sees the morning mist and then the hard light of noon.’
      • ‘Most striking about the photo is its ability to convey not the abstraction of grief, but the specific, variegated ways in which it shows itself.’
      • ‘Aberdeen are a team who have had a variegated season of their own and the fact they have recorded just one league victory on their travels is one reason why they are flirting between fifth place and the lower reaches of the table.’
      • ‘About 200 artists from 30 countries have provided their works in order to create the variegated and impressive collection of this year's triennial.’
      • ‘If these variegated productions teach you nothing else about human life - which they should - they certainly prove once again that Shakespeare has something for everyone.’
      • ‘When the variegated army of eco - warriors and anarchists takes to the streets on Tuesday, most will be idealists; others will be misguided, even criminal, but youth is their currency.’
      • ‘Many women have spoken of variegated, deep feelings after abortion, its procedures altering a significant biological course, and to articulate these, perhaps cathartic art forms are best.’
      • ‘For two years now, Montreal toy-theatre crew Le Petit Théâtre de l' Absolu has been cooking up Paris in the 19th Century, a series of shows examining the great city's variegated and fascinating history.’
      • ‘The 32 paintings exhibited at the gallery prove how variegated were the thoughts and ideas of the artist.’
      • ‘Shake the kaleidoscope, though, and the other variegated aspects of her past create a different image.’



/ˈver(ē)əˌɡādəd/ /ˈvɛr(i)əˌɡeɪdəd/


Mid 17th century from Latin variegat- ‘made varied’ (from the verb variegare, from varius ‘diverse’) + -ed.