Definition of vasculum in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvaskyələm/ /ˈvæskjələm/


  • A collecting box for plants, typically in the form of a flattened cylindrical metal case with a lengthwise opening, carried by a shoulder strap.

    ‘Many plants may be kept in the vasculum for several days if needed without sustaining injury.’
    • ‘The plastic bag has universally replaced the vasculum, but care needs to be taken to protect from the sun.’
    • ‘Several specimens may be placed in one vasculum, but be cautious to not damage delicate leaves and flowers.’
    • ‘As a general rule it is as well that the microfungi as collected should be at once placed in the vasculum, so as to secure for them a certain amount of moisture until they can be examined at home.’


Late 18th century from Latin, diminutive of vas ‘vessel’.