Definition of vasoconstriction in English:


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  • The constriction of blood vessels, which increases blood pressure.

    ‘At low doses, local anesthetics cause systemic vasoconstriction and raise blood pressure.’
    • ‘The effect is a dramatic increase in blood pressure due to vasoconstriction.’
    • ‘The vascular effects result in tissue ischemia from vasoconstriction, platelet aggregation, and increased blood viscosity.’
    • ‘The hawthorn plant contains pharmacologically active flavonoids that inhibit vasoconstriction and actively dilate blood vessels.’
    • ‘Following a vascular injury, vasoconstriction and retraction usually occur immediately and decrease blood flow to the affected area.’



/ˌvāzōkənˈstrikSHən/ /ˌveɪzoʊkənˈstrɪkʃən/