Definition of vasodilation in English:


(also vasodilatation)

Pronunciation /ˌvāzōˌdīˈlāSHən/ /ˌveɪzoʊˌdaɪˈleɪʃən/

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  • The dilatation of blood vessels, which decreases blood pressure.

    ‘Effects include venous and arteriolar vasodilatation, which decreases oxygen demand.’
    • ‘Apyrase, an enzyme in tick saliva, may maintain blood flow into the bite by stimulating local vasodilation and preventing platelet aggregation.’
    • ‘Many patients with diabetes, however, have no change in palpable temperature due to distal vasodilation related to autonomic neuropathy.’
    • ‘Stimulation of a beta receptor causes muscle vasodilation, bronchial relaxation, and cardiac acceleration.’
    • ‘Acidosis causes vasodilation in many different blood vessels, including those in the brain and heart.’