Definition of vato in English:


(also bato)


US informal
  • (in Spanish-speaking regions) used to address or refer to a man.

    ‘a young vato is sitting on the curb’
    ‘get on down there, vato!’
    • ‘The young vato lets a whistle go out.’
    • ‘The vato stays back to wash up and get ready when everyone's gone.’
    • ‘I return home to New Mexico - as before, sandwiched between the vato and the sad blonde.’
    • ‘Los Mocosos have just released their latest CD, American Us, and they're itching to lay that stuff on you, so fire up the low rider and get on down there, vato!’
    • ‘One of these works, entitled Tirando tiempo, an acrylic painting on board in shade and tint, is a hypnotic portrait rendering of a vato whose tattoos betray time spent in prison.’
    • ‘Any vato out there who has had a lady like that in his life knows what I am talking about.’
    • ‘Seven more bald-headed vatos run up to see what's going on.’
    • ‘Why don't you vatos describe yourselves for our listeners?’


Mexican Spanish.