Definition of vaudevillian in English:


adjective & noun

See vaudeville

‘He was the character actor, I was more the vaudevillian, pantomime comedian, and we both learnt a lot from each other.’
  • ‘Coming to us from Toronto, this ‘dark vaudevillian comedy’ tells the true story of a couple of Victorian girls who claimed they could communicate with the dead.’
  • ‘On Wednesday, TV Land is rerunning an episode of Fantasy Island with Phil Silvers as a has-been vaudevillian.’
  • ‘Also notable is Charlie Chaplin's elegiac 1952 talkie, Limelight, about the last days of an old vaudevillian.’
  • ‘My uncles were vaudevillians, and that's how I got started.’



/ˌvôd(ə)ˈvilēən/ /ˌvɔd(ə)ˈvɪliən/