Definition of veepstakes in English:



informal US treated as singular or plural
  • The notional competition among politicians to be chosen as a party's candidate for vice president.

    • ‘is the Oklahoma governor a front runner in the veepstakes?’
    • ‘According to a gossip column in the New York Post, the current frontrunner in John Kerry's Veepstakes is former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn.’
    • ‘I'd just like to second Atrios's thoughts on the veepstakes.’
    • ‘In the '04 veepstakes, Edwards had the least political experience, just six years in the Senate.’
    • ‘Normally there'd be a longer primary campaign, there'd be a little bit of a lull before the conventions, and some speculation about the veepstakes.’
    • ‘Both of them have prime spots on our ranking of the veepstakes below.’
    • ‘When we come back, rampant speculation over the veepstakes and next week's Republican Convention.’
    • ‘By early Tuesday morning, the veepstakes was over and the race was on to define John Edwards.’
    • ‘Heading for Philadelphia, the veepstakes reaches fever pitch as 15,000 journalists are looking for news at the Republican convention.’
    • ‘When it comes to the veepstakes, a good audition won't get you the part.’
    • ‘So, who will win the Veepstakes on both sides?’
    • ‘Normally we would chalk his denial up to the gamesmanship that surrounds the veepstakes; that is, the only way to ensure you won't get picked is to say that you want the job.’
    • ‘Given this history, littered with out-of-nowhere names, it might be reasonable to assume that the press would refrain from breathless speculation about the veepstakes.’
    • ‘Are the veepstakes about to end?’
    • ‘It is Edwards' charisma, the press tells us, that will doom him in the veepstakes - unless, of course, it seals the deal for him.’



/ˈvēpˌstāks/ /ˈvipˌsteɪks/


1950s from veep and sweepstakes.