Definition of vegetable sponge in English:

vegetable sponge


another term for loofah
  • ‘Popular in European spas and Asian Baths, vegetable sponges are said to be the key to better health.’
  • ‘Loofah or vegetable sponges come from the fibrous interior of two species of gourds native to tropical Asia.’
  • ‘Luffa, the vegetable sponge or dishrag gourd, originated in tropical Asia, reaching China about 600 A.D.’
  • ‘Many people think these are sponges from the sea, but these vegetable sponges grow on yellow-flowered vines very much like cucumbers.’
  • ‘Our vegetable sponges are ideal for the care of feet, elbows and knees.’
  • ‘Luffa gourds, also called vegetable sponges, need approximately 110 days to mature and should be started early in climates with short growing seasons.’
  • ‘The third group of gourds are the loofahs or vegetable sponges.’
  • ‘The vegetable sponge is also known as sponge gourd, dishrag gourd, dishcloth gourd, loofah gourd, and smooth loofah.’