Definition of vegetative cell in English:

vegetative cell


Botany Microbiology
  • A cell of a bacterium or unicellular alga that is actively growing rather than forming spores.

    ‘These bacteria exist either as spores or as vegetative cells.’
    • ‘The pollen grain (male gametophyte) is a three-celled structure composed of two generative cells encased within the vegetative cell.’
    • ‘During meiosis cells exit the vegetative cell cycle and enter a linear divisional and differentiation pathway.’
    • ‘Many algal species spend part of their life cycle at the sediment surface, either as vegetative cells or in resting stages.’
    • ‘Species of wheat are classified according to the number of chromosomes found in the vegetative cell.’


vegetative cell

/ˈvejəˌtādiv sel/ /ˈvɛdʒəˌteɪdɪv sɛl/