Definition of vehemently in English:


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  • In a forceful, passionate, or intense manner; with great feeling.

    ‘he vehemently denied any suggestion of improper conduct’
    • ‘the entire community protested vehemently against the cuts’
    • ‘There cannot be a person alive who resisted technology more vehemently than I.’
    • ‘He is a stingy businessman who vehemently wants to reclaim money lent to his wife.’
    • ‘She fell into a bitter argument with her husband, who vehemently chastised Goneril for her mistreatment of Lear.’
    • ‘We must take into account the fact that Joan of Arc vehemently rejected marriage.’
    • ‘Some become intent on destroying Gulliver for making such a bold statement, while others support him vehemently.’



/ˈvēəməntlē/ /ˈviəməntli/