Definition of vehicle-to-vehicle in English:



  • Relating to or involving a wireless network in which vehicles share information, such as traffic warnings, with each other.

    ‘Wi-Fi-enabled vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems designed to help avoid collisions’
    ‘the car will be equipped with vehicle-to-vehicle technology’
    • ‘Connected cars will be required to have vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology that could potentially deter accidents.’
    • ‘A recent study calculated the cost of waiting to deploy vehicle-to-vehicle systems.’
    • ‘Reports indicate that the administration is scrapping the proposed vehicle-to-vehicle communication mandate for new cars.’
    • ‘ Eventually, this capability will have big implications for upcoming applications like vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity for self-driving cars.’
    • ‘I foresee a future where we will be able to connect two or more trucks through the use of vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology.’
    • ‘Existing vehicle-to-vehicle technologies being developed for autos should be adapted for drones, he said.’
    • ‘All new light-duty vehicles would be required within four years to be equipped with so-called vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems.’
    • ‘Auto safety regulators proposed requiring all new vehicles to be equipped with vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems.’
    • ‘Modern smart display systems also include vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity to enhance customer experience.’
    • ‘Federal regulators are studying the idea of requiring vehicle-to-vehicle technology in future passenger cars.’