Definition of veinlike in English:



See vein

‘In a recent issue of Jacket, Olivier Brossard rightly notes that this film ‘would have been a perfect case in point’ for Smith's notion of ‘a vein-like network in which differences coalesce, only immediately to fall asunder again’.’
  • ‘Fishing the last filter from the bottom of the bucket inevitably meant that blackened, lard-infused acid would trickle down your arms leaving red, vein-like rashes from armpit to fingertips.’
  • ‘Small vein-like streaks of white began to form in the sky, cackling through the lands with their broken laughter, as if they knew something that he did not.’
  • ‘The ice has taken the appearance of dried blood - mottled and brown, with black vein-like cracks running in all directions.’
  • ‘The house is wrapped in opalescent glass and galvanized steel with a vein-like standing seam.’



/ˈvānˌlīk/ /ˈveɪnˌlaɪk/