Definición de vellum en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈveləm/ /ˈvɛləm/

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  • 1Fine parchment made originally from the skin of a calf.

    ‘Before the advent of the printing press, books were made of vellum because it was durable.’
    • ‘From what scholars have managed to read so far they believe it is an early Christian Psalter written on vellum, a parchment made from animal skin.’
    • ‘Irish writings prior to the use of paper and print were written on vellum in a distinctive minuscule script which reflects 1,000 years of literary tradition.’
    • ‘Early codices were made of papyrus but later developments replaced this by vellum.’
    • ‘Other maps have been revised so many times that the vellum has holes in it, and parts of them are so old that we cannot unfold them without destroying them.’
  • 2Smooth writing paper imitating vellum.


Late Middle English from Old French velin, from veel (see veal).