Definition of velocipedist in English:


Pronunciation /-dist/


See velocipede

‘Another big problem for would-be velocipedists was the state of the roads: they were so rutted that it was impossible to balance for long.’
  • ‘There were exaggerated complaints about irresponsible velocipedists, but there was also official support for the ‘feedless horse’.’
  • ‘It being a delightful afternoon, the path was chock full of Sunday strollers, rollerbladers and fellow velocipedists.’
  • ‘In May and June of 1895, nineteenth century champion velocipedist Robert Jefferson successfully rode from London to Moscow and back in under 50 days.’
  • ‘Here in the Netherlands, cyclists are used to being the kings of the road, and nobody opens their car door without checking whether it will quite possibly cause one of us velocipedists to crash into it at high speed.’