Definition of velum in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvēləm/ /ˈviləm/


  • 1A membrane or membranous structure, typically covering another structure or partly obscuring an opening.

    1. 1.1Anatomy The soft palate.
      • ‘The back of the tongue lies opposite the soft palate or velum when the tongue is in a state of rest, and sounds made with the back include velar consonants and back vowels.’
      • ‘This technique allows for closure of the velum, thus excluding nasal NO contamination during expiration.’
      • ‘For ‘mouth breathing’ protocols, patients were instructed with a technique aimed at achieving velum closure of the nasopharynx and asked to practice it prior to testing.’
    2. 1.2Zoology A membrane, typically bordering a cavity, especially in certain mollusks, medusae, and other invertebrates.
      • ‘Scyphozoan medusae differ from those of hydrozoans in lacking a velum.’
      • ‘Adult heteromorphs show wide velum; the velum in tecnomorphs is narrower.’
      • ‘Free-living medusoid hydrozoans can be hard to tell from scyphozoans, but hydrozoan medusae generally have a muscular shelf, or velum, projecting inward from the margin of the bell.’
      • ‘This fact, together with the fragility of the velum, may cause problems for identification of growth stage and sex of the particular specimen.’
      • ‘Its multispiral, heavily sculptured, darkly colored shell, plus its large four-lobed velum, point to a different type of snail, one of the neogastropods.’
    3. 1.3Botany The veil of a toadstool.


Mid 18th century from Latin, literally ‘sail, curtain, covering, veil’.



/ˈvēləm/ /ˈviləm/