Definition of velvet worm in English:

velvet worm


  • ‘There are three taxa conventionally included: the Onychophora (velvet worms, which do not possess an exoskeleton, and were previously considered a distinct phylum), and the superclasses Myriapoda and Hexapoda.’
    • ‘Onychophora, also known as velvet worms or lobopods, are considered segmented and close relatives of the Arthropoda.’
    • ‘Shy creatures, able to hide in incredibly tight crevices, these ‘velvet worms’ (about ninety living species known) are rarely seen even in their natural habitat.’
    • ‘The Kingdom Animalia, from sponges to elephants, velvet worms to octopuses, mud dragons to tardigrades, is the best studied and most widely appreciated of the kingdoms.’


velvet worm

/ˈvelvət wərm/ /ˈvɛlvət wərm/