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venereal disease

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  • A disease typically contracted by sexual contact with a person already infected; a sexually transmitted disease.

    ‘gonorrhoea is the commonest venereal disease’
    • ‘prostitutes were detained if found to have venereal disease’
    • ‘The biggest health problems are tuberculosis, venereal diseases, malaria, trachoma, typhoid fever, and dysentery.’
    • ‘And nearly 50 percent are infected with venereal diseases like syphilis that greatly increase their chances of contracting HIV.’
    • ‘He claimed he had suffered from a serious infection resulting from a venereal disease he contracted from the rapes.’
    • ‘Medicine in fact, was hopeless at looking at venereal disease, or any sexually transmitted disease, as we call it now.’
    • ‘Dan had given her venereal disease, and the disease was in a relatively advanced state.’
    • ‘The highly publicized incident, in which a woman identified as ‘Miss A’ accused Palma of transmitting a venereal disease to her and three other local women.’
    • ‘A waiting maid of Her Ladyship the Baroness, Paquette contracts a venereal disease from a friar and gives it to Pangloss.’
    • ‘During the second world war he was stationed at Grimsby as medical officer for venereal diseases for the Allied forces.’
    • ‘The patient had negative results on a venereal disease research laboratory test before her IVIG treatments.’
    • ‘Cholera, for instance, smallpox, and venereal disease infected large tracts of the population, often very quickly.’
    • ‘It seemed that once the men knew of the magic of penicillin their fear of infection with venereal diseases vanished.’
    • ‘She attributes a major depopulating role to venereal diseases, especially gonorrhoea, which makes women infertile.’
    • ‘Sickness and venereal diseases run rampant in the packinghouses where they pack meat with their bare hands.’
    • ‘Chancroid is an unusual venereal disease caused by a bacterium called Hemophilus ducreyi.’
    • ‘Tuberculosis has swept through prisons and other institutions, and the rates of venereal disease, hepatitis, and AIDS have grown.’
    • ‘Many suffered from venereal disease and mental illness.’
    • ‘And as AIDS spread, states passed laws to require notification of partners, something previously recommended only for venereal diseases.’
    • ‘He falls for Lauren who staves off her own hormonal impulses by staying home and looking at pictures of venereal diseases.’
    • ‘Many of the clinics claiming to cure venereal diseases may be operating without licences.’
    • ‘After American entry into World War I in 1918, the island hospitals were used to house soldiers with venereal diseases.’


venereal disease

/vəˈnirēəl dəˈzēz/ /vəˈnɪriəl dəˈziz/