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  • Seeking to harm someone in return for a perceived injury.

    ‘a vengeful ex-con’
    • ‘Holly Hunter makes her British stage debut, playing a vengeful woman returning to rural Ireland.’
    • ‘The plot line about the vengeful Temple merchants seeking Jesus' death has been removed.’
    • ‘It is well known that vengeful ex-cons have hunted down the cops who busted them.’
    • ‘The spectre of Thomas's brutal occupation is always there to hint that he could use his skills for vengeful justice.’
    • ‘It's been around forever, and, frankly, the same complaint could apply to virtually all vengeful ghost stories.’
    • ‘Perversely, such words of steel were meant to calm the American people, not whip them into a vengeful fervour.’
    • ‘Speaking of vengeful robot rock, you need to go see Captured by Robots!’
    • ‘But the more seriously the sovereignty of Whitehall is challenged, the more vengeful the state becomes.’
    • ‘Terms like goddess, Kali and destroyer mingle freely in reinforcing this cult of vengeful violence.’
    • ‘Lynch wrote a notoriously vengeful poem, full of vicious curses, a story he tells against himself in shamefaced penance.’
    • ‘The vengeful tackle on Haaland 16 months ago during a Manchester derby was as bad as they come, the sort that ends careers.’
    • ‘But the two must avoid the vengeful pimp Guido and keep their customers happy.’
    • ‘This is a crusade in the service of the divinity of capital, a vengeful, jealous god before which no other god may stand.’
    • ‘It seemed personal, even vengeful, the way these things rushed up at you.’
    • ‘As a species, we're too territorial, short-tempered and vengeful for traffic to flow.’
    • ‘That letter is a vengeful, malicious lie, and I have the emails to prove it.’
    • ‘It is undoubtedly a good thing that we are neither cruel nor vengeful.’
    • ‘This is a tempting tactic, for it holds out the promise of vengeful satisfaction.’
    • ‘Is it wrong that I find myself wanting to kill a monkey out of vengeful jealousy?’
    vindictive, revengeful, out for revenge, avenging, unforgiving, resentful, grudge-bearing, bitter, acrimonious
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/ˈvenjfəl/ /ˈvɛndʒfəl/


Late 16th century from obsolete venge ‘avenge’ (see vengeance), on the pattern of revengeful.