Definition of ventral in English:



Anatomy Zoology Botany
  • On or relating to the underside of an animal or plant; abdominal.

    ‘a ventral nerve cord’
    Compare with dorsal
    ‘the ventral part of the head’
    • ‘The nervous system consists of a lobed dorsal brain and ventral nerve cord with fused paired ganglia.’
    • ‘If either of these proteins is absent, then the motor axons select dorsal and ventral pathways randomly.’
    • ‘The dorsal and ventral edges of the centra are more nearly equal in width in the larger specimens.’
    • ‘The waves continue coupled to a series of dorsal and ventral flexions of the whole body.’
    • ‘Just outside each vertebra, the dorsal and ventral roots unite to form a spinal nerve on each side.’
    enteric, gastroenteric, duodenal, coeliac, gastric, ventral, stomach, abdominal, visceral


Late Middle English from Latin venter, ventr- ‘belly’ + -al.