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  • 1Anatomy
    A hollow part or cavity in an organ.

    ‘It communicated with the left ventricle through an orifice surrounded by pearly endocardial plaque.’
    • ‘As the impulse travels down the bundles, the ventricles contract and the cycle repeats itself.’
    space, chamber, hollow, hole, pocket, pouch
    1. 1.1Each of the two main chambers of the heart, left and right.
      ‘After passing to the left ventricle through the mitral valve, blood goes to the aorta.’
      • ‘In chickens, the right ventricle of the heart enlarges and can't pump blood efficiently to the lungs.’
      • ‘Blood flows from the right atrium to the right ventricle through the tricuspid valve.’
      • ‘At operation, dense adhesions between the left lung and the right and left ventricle were present.’
      • ‘Blood vessels that originate from the right and left ventricles are designated as arteries and have a distinctive structure.’
    2. 1.2Each of the four connected fluid-filled cavities in the center of the brain.
      ‘The subarachnoid space is continuous with the cavities of the cerebral ventricles.’
      • ‘There was no definite plane between the tumor and the floor of the fourth ventricle.’
      • ‘The fourth ventricle is between the pons and cerebellum.’
      • ‘Examination of the brain revealed only enlarged lateral and third ventricles.’
      • ‘Finally, the perceived object could enter into the rear ventricle of the brain, the memory.’



/ˈventrək(ə)l/ /ˈvɛntrək(ə)l/


Late Middle English from Latin ventriculus, diminutive of venter ‘belly’.