Definition of ventripotent in English:



  • 1rare Having a large belly.

    • ‘His mind is obviously not of the finest fibre, nor his massive and ventripotent person either.’
    • ‘The great man, with his cocked hat, his ventripotent waistcoat and spreading coat-tails, looked absurdly foreshortened and distorted, like a figure in a conjuring-glass.’
    • ‘After a little, shaggy, ventripotent Pan will grow jealous, and ravish you away from me, as he stole Syrinx from her lover.’
    • ‘A battalion of solid metaphysicians, reinforced by a tribe of tittering harridans and three companies of ventripotent buffoons, venture a daring sally.’
    • ‘We see the insect, which was clear−sighted, become blind; it loses its feet, to recover them later; its slender body becomes ventripotent.’
    1. 1.1Having a large appetite; gluttonous.
      • ‘The ventripotent vermin were in the midst of their meal, when "our fat friend" awoke.’
      • ‘He was one of the most distinguished beer-drinkers in the Schwaben Corps, of which he had been elected, by acclaim, honorary member, after emptying a "Pope" on the challenge of one of the most ventripotent members.’
      • ‘General Savage, an elderly gourmet, a ventripotent Apicins, an epicurian Heliogabalus, very cynical, and awfully churlish, thought that the pill, despite of its gilding, was too bitter to swallow’
      • ‘Never was seen such voracity since the days of the ventripotent Heliogabalus.’
      • ‘He was a ventripotent Apicius, a real epicure; one who boasted that he never wasted his appetite on a joint.’
      greedy, gourmandizing, voracious, insatiable, wolfish


Early 17th century from French, from medieval Latin ventripotent-, from Latin venter ‘belly’ + potent- ‘being powerful, being able’, from the verb posse.