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venture capital

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  • Capital invested in a project in which there is a substantial element of risk, typically a new or expanding business.

    ‘It has also been suggested to allow mutual funds and pension funds to invest in venture capital funds.’
    • ‘He said companies should consider whether they could be small and profitable without venture capital.’
    • ‘So, what does a successful first-round venture capital funding mission feel like?’
    • ‘The tax breaks on venture capital trusts are generous - but the risks of the schemes are high.’
    • ‘Later on, if they're ready to go public or go national, they could get venture capital.’
    • ‘Last year representatives of 28 venture capital and business angel groups attended the conference.’
    • ‘He said the company was approached by two venture capital firms and a private investor after the funding event.’
    • ‘His options, as he saw them, were to seek venture capital or take the company public.’
    • ‘He financed the company with a combination of venture capital and government grants.’
    • ‘In May, it became the first Scottish-based business to secure new venture capital funding in euros.’
    • ‘To be sure, there are no exact replacements for the cash that can come from venture capital firms.’
    • ‘Even when it comes to raising serious venture capital, a past failure is not the black mark it once was.’
    • ‘He said another was the lack of access to venture capital for campus companies spun off from university research.’
    • ‘All that is not to say that venture capital is impossible to raise these days.’
    • ‘Domek takes pride in having made it to the Web without massive infusions of venture capital.’
    • ‘He said the company had been in negotiations with four or five venture capital firms before settling on Summit.’
    • ‘In order to grow further, however, the company must find additional venture capital backing.’
    • ‘The group grew out of political expediency, as a source of venture capital for Whig entrepreneurs.’
    • ‘Now Jacobson is hoping to tap into the huge pool of venture capital available in New York.’
    • ‘The whole corporate culture of spinning out companies has created this vast pool of venture capital.’


venture capital

/ˈvenCHər ˌkapədl/ /ˈvɛntʃər ˌkæpədl/