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  • A chiefly American herbaceous plant which bears heads of bright showy flowers, widely cultivated as a garden ornamental.

    Genus Verbena, family Verbenaceae: many species, in particular a group of complex cultivars (V. × hybrida)

    ‘We planted verbena around our crape myrtle, and it has gone wild, spilling over the edges of the concrete border.’
    • ‘Annuals with good deer resistance include ageratum, ice plant, pincushion flower, verbena and zinnias.’
    • ‘Use a good mix of trailing plants like Petunias, Ivy-leaf geranium, verbenas and lobelia round the edge of the basket.’
    • ‘I'm growing an almond verbena, and it is already about 15 feet tall.’
    • ‘The plants I am going to use include begonias, impatiens and verbenas, which should produce solid mounds and balls of colour.’
    • ‘In large decorative pots, pair dwarf ‘Sentimental Blue’ with red verbenas.’
    • ‘Should I trim verbena and lantana to encourage flowering?’
    • ‘Red dianthus and trailing verbena are spectacular in window boxes that can take our Florida sun and heat.’
    • ‘For blue choose from gentian sage, lobelia, mealycup sage, nemesia, petunia, or verbena.’
    • ‘Most botanists believe it is distantly related to verbenas.’
    • ‘Nighttime festivities called verbenas are held on the eve of religious holidays.’
    • ‘This variety of verbena grows upright, and has massed heads of small round-topped flowers.’
    • ‘Our yard is warm and sunny for most of the day in summer, making it an ideal spot for plants such as pelargoniums and verbena.’
    • ‘Primrose, sunflowers, sand verbena, and a number of others we cannot yet identify have exploded upon the sand dunes.’
    • ‘It features a potpourri of verbena, cardamom and ginger.’
    • ‘Likewise, a décor as small as a flower picture will capture the holidays with ivy leaves or red verbena, displayed on the wall.’
    • ‘Look for products scented with essential plant oils, such as lemon, verbena, or lavender.’
    • ‘Thrusting through marigolds and verbena, it stands almost 3 feet high.’
    • ‘It belongs to the verbena family and comes from the East Indies.’
    • ‘There were cookies and jelly candies, too, and a glass of the local verbena cordial, Verveine.’



/vərˈbēnə/ /vərˈbinə/


Modern Latin, from Latin, literally ‘sacred bough’, in medieval Latin ‘vervain’.