Definition of verboten in English:



  • Forbidden, especially by an authority.

    ‘bank fishing is verboten on Strathbeg’
    ‘the list of verboten films’
    • ‘Conservative ideas take on even greater allure for students when the authorities say they're verboten.’
    • ‘We wanted to develop our success with the MGF but BMW had a roadster of its own and even talking about MG was verboten.’
    • ‘The war is verboten, out of bounds, off limits, bad form, we've moved on from all that.’
    • ‘Ratzinger exercised extraordinary ‘thought-control’ in deciding which works of theologians were orthodox and which were verboten.’
    • ‘Their speech codes, and how they were enforced, made it clear that opinions about certain ‘highly charged topics’ were verboten.’
    • ‘Live ammunition was verboten - electronic sensors mounted on people, vehicles, and buildings tallied the damage.’
    • ‘Burials, like wirelesses and guns, were verboten.’
    • ‘To begin with, anything even remotely sexist is verboten.’
    • ‘Among the verboten items is one employee's box of tissues, because it features a representation of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.’
    • ‘The subject is verboten because the Left has declared it so.’
    • ‘Plastic was also verboten as it would turn into chemical lava.’
    • ‘It was verboten to interrupt Johnny, and you wouldn't have dared anyway, just from the tension that surrounded him.’
    • ‘Yes, what she'd proposed was verboten; but as long as none of us said anything, it would be O.K.’
    • ‘There are other unmentionable things that may put us on stable financial ground but mentioning such things is verboten.’
    • ‘If I find out something I've written about is verboten it is coming down.’
    • ‘Speaking objectively about terrorism these days is verboten.’
    • ‘And Lee found that certain words were verboten while in pitch mode.’
    • ‘This is verboten, as I say, unless you can prove your ‘main profile or income’ doesn't come from the BBC.’
    • ‘And yet it's possible to find sympathy, even empathy, for people who indulge in such verboten practices.’
    • ‘If there is a verboten surface in this room that Andy and Mike didn't investigate last night I don't know what it was.’
    illegal, unlawful, illicit, against the law, criminal, lawbreaking, actionable, felonious





/vəːˈbəʊt(ə)n/ /fɛɐˈboːtn/