Definition of Verdelho in English:


nounplural noun Verdelhos

  • 1A white grape originally grown in Madeira, now also in Portugal, Sicily, Australia, and South Africa.

    ‘In our analyses all the plants showed unique genetic profiles with the exception to the Verdelhos that showed the same genotype.’
    • ‘The section between Valhelhas and Verdelhos has sadly been decimated by a recent forest fire.’
    • ‘Sercial and Verdelho are the two grapes associated with Madeira's dry style.’
    • ‘For cakes, fruits, and mellow cheeses, Verdelho Madeira offers a bit more sweetness.’
    • ‘Another lesser-known white of great distinction is the tropical fruit-like Verdelho.’
    1. 1.1A medium Madeira made from the Verdelho grape.
      ‘The white Sercial, Verdelho, Bual, and Malvasia varieties which are classified as ‘noble’ by the ruling Madeira Wine Institute are in short supply.’
      • ‘Most Australian Verdelhos are best consumed within two years of vintage.’
      • ‘Margan Verdelho was honoured as the third best Australian Verdelho in the AGT Wine Magazines Top 20 Verdelhos, 2002.’
      • ‘I asked Ricardo if he had tasted any of Australia's dry Verdelhos.’



/vərˈdelyo͞o/ /vərˈdɛlju/