Definition of Verdicchio in English:



mass noun
  • 1A variety of white wine grape grown in the Marche region of Italy.

    ‘Like many central Italian white wines, Verdicchio was once fermented on its skins.’
    1. 1.1A dry white wine made from the Verdicchio grape.
      • ‘Moncaro's eminently drinkable Verdicchios have recently hit the shelves at Victoria Wine and Waitrose.’
      • ‘The four Verdicchios are all very individual interpretations of this high quality grape variety.’
      • ‘The best Verdicchios are produced around the area of Castelli di Jesi and are noted for acidity and a nutty flavor.’
      • ‘While these wines are usually still, some Verdicchios are sparkling.’
      • ‘Most Verdicchios do not offer this level of fruit intensity especially at this price.’
      • ‘Umani Ronchi produces two Verdicchios from single vineyards: ‘Casal di Serra’ and ‘Villa Bianchi’, and the Riserva ‘Plenio’.’
      • ‘A recent visit from a friend who had been on a half-hearted house hunting trip to Le Marche gave me an excuse to try a few Verdicchios.’
      • ‘A waitress finally took our order and then we waited an age for a bottle of Verdicchio Classico at €15.’
      • ‘Now Verdicchio is more often produced on its own rather than diluted with lesser grapes, which was the practice in the past.’
      • ‘For me the star of the evening was the 2001 Mirum, Verdicchio and so Mary ordered a case - good move!’
      • ‘Here you should try a zesty Verdicchio, Castelli di Jesi, Classico Superiore Garofoli 1999 (€18, Mitchell and Son).’
      • ‘We ordered a bottle of very tired Verdicchio, but the waitress handled our complaint with supreme professionalism and whipped the bottle away.’