Definition of vergence in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvərjəns/ /ˈvərdʒəns/


  • 1Physiology
    The simultaneous movement of the pupils of the eyes toward or away from one another during focusing.

    ‘In doing so, they perform saccadic movements, smooth pursuit movements, vergence movements, vestibular movements, and accommodation.’
    • ‘Pure vergence movements, uncontaminated by saccades, occur when changing gaze between two targets, both lying straight ahead, but at different distances.’
  • 2Geology
    The direction in which a fold is inclined or overturned.

    ‘a zone of opposing fold vergence’
    • ‘Fold and cleavage vergence varies across the domain, from SE through neutral to NW, although a majority verge SE.’
    • ‘Major and minor folds with clear vergence relationships change their sense around the Rhoscolyn Anticline.’
    • ‘A foreland fold-thrust belt with a southwestward vergence formed south of the Mazar-Kangxiwar fault.’
    • ‘Previously, there has been disagreement over the direction of obduction of the ophiolite and the vergence of structures.’
    • ‘No structures are present in the Mount King Beds that show vergence.’


1980s common element of convergence and divergence.