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  • 1Able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.

    ‘a versatile sewing machine’
    • ‘he was versatile enough to play either position’
    • ‘Professional armies were expected to be versatile enough to adapt as needed to the enemies they faced.’
    • ‘The plant's flexibility in product selection makes it versatile enough for many different types of contractors.’
    • ‘Despite large scale poaching, the versatile cat adapts well to a changing environment, as can be seen in its growing population.’
    • ‘Sarod seems a more versatile instrument adapting itself to every and any kind of raga when the brothers play it.’
    • ‘The company recognizes the need for hybrid extrudables with unitary construction to function in versatile, custom configurations.’
    • ‘These versatile molecules function as catalysts in the hydrogen peroxide bleaching process.’
    • ‘Soup is versatile enough to be eaten at every meal.’
    • ‘The porch plan is versatile enough to be altered to almost any size ranging from eight to 10 feet wide and from 12 to 24 feet long.’
    • ‘His musical instrument is versatile enough for most melodies.’
    • ‘But they are a ride like no other and are versatile enough to be both a novice's toy and a skater's challenge.’
    • ‘There are accessories and battery options available to make them even more versatile.’
    • ‘Chardonnay and to a slightly lesser extent Syrah, for example, are extremely versatile.’
    • ‘Who knew stretchy fabric could be so versatile?’
    • ‘And when content creation and experience matters, the personal computer remains a remarkably versatile tool.’
    • ‘Here are just ten uses to which you could put this highly versatile software.’
    • ‘A highly versatile property that has been sympathetically restored and upgraded to exacting standards.’
    • ‘But here's the catch: this amazingly versatile and femme fatale dress costs $150.’
    • ‘They're versatile everyday working tools that are large and rugged enough for any task.’
    • ‘Automating backups is a simple matter using the straightforward and versatile tools provided.’
    • ‘‘They're versatile, they're tasty and they're good for you,’ she said.’
    adaptable, flexible, all-round, multifaceted, multitalented, multiskilled, many-sided, resourceful, protean
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  • 2 archaic Changeable; inconstant.

    adaptable, flexible, adjustable, open-ended, open, open to change, changeable, not fixed, not settled, variable, versatile
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Early 17th century (in the sense ‘inconstant, fluctuating’): from French, or from Latin versatilis, from versat- ‘turned about, revolved’, from the verb versare, frequentative of vertere ‘to turn’.