Definition of vertebral column in English:

vertebral column


another term for spinal column
‘The brain within the skull and the spinal cord within the vertebral column constitute the central nervous system.’
  • ‘Organs so represented include the brain and spinal cord, pituitary gland, vertebral column, and thyroid gland.’
  • ‘These two main categories affect the bones of the vertebral column.’
  • ‘Because of the large blood supply of the vertebral column, tumor cells lodging in the spinal column are unfortunately quite common.’
  • ‘It is apparent from the first frame that the dorsal lobe containing the vertebral column does not lead the tail beat.’
  • ‘Direct injury to the spine may cause a bone fracture anywhere along your vertebral column.’
  • ‘Intervertebral discs make up approximately 25% of the height of the cervical vertebral column.’
  • ‘The esophagus extends through the entire thoracic cavity, posterior to the trachea and heart and anterior to the vertebral column.’
  • ‘In one study of 748 vertebral columns, 717 had 17 thoracolumbar vertebrae, 26 had 18, and five had 16.’
  • ‘In four cases the duodenum ended on the right side of the vertebral column.’
  • ‘The central nervous system is well protected by the vertebral column and by the skull.’
  • ‘They also possess extensive transverse processes and the tallest neural spines found in the vertebral column.’
  • ‘The defect occurs in the vertebral column with tissue protrusion through a bony cleft.’
  • ‘The intervertebral disc absorbs shock, provides resistance to compression and allows flexibility of the vertebral column.’
  • ‘Only 3 of the 20 patients had involvement of multiple segments of the vertebral column.’
  • ‘The right femur is preserved on the ventral surface of the vertebral column in a somewhat distorted fashion.’
  • ‘The M. subvertebralis and the basapophyseal muscles encase the ventral side of the vertebral column.’
  • ‘Posterior to this region, the vertebral column is clearly visible.’
  • ‘The shell is a modified ribcage and part of the vertebral column.’
  • ‘Myomeres and myosepta are connected directly to the dermis of the skin, as well as to the vertebral column.’


vertebral column

/ˈvərdəbrəl/ /vərˈtēbrəl ˈkäləm/ /vərˈtibrəl ˈkɑləm/