Definition of vertical angles in English:

vertical angles

plural noun

  • Each of the pairs of opposite angles made by two intersecting lines.

    ‘However, they had not been exposed in class to the notion of vertical angles or to the vertical angles theorem.’
    • ‘In Israel, students usually prove the equality of vertical angles by the end of Grade 8 or at the beginning of Grade 9.’
    • ‘Rose uses Nexo's proprietary line array-design software, GeoSoft, to calculate vertical angles for even coverage throughout the venue.’
    • ‘The aiming circle is an optical instrument capable of measuring horizontal and vertical angles.’
    • ‘The new ‘transflective’ display is much brighter than the T's screen - and readable at wider vertical angles.’


vertical angles

/ˈvərdəkəl ˈaNGɡəlz/ /ˈvərdəkəl ˈæŋɡəlz/