Definition of vertical integration in English:

vertical integration


  • The combination in one company of two or more stages of production normally operated by separate companies.

    ‘Finally, size of firm, vertical integration, diversification, and form of organization were found to be important direct influences.’
    • ‘And Cendant's vertical integration of brokerage, settlement, and other services helps attract franchisees.’
    • ‘The direction of vertical integration, that is, forwards or backwards, depends on where the business is positioned in the supply chain.’
    • ‘The bill will look at horizontal and vertical integration of business.’
    • ‘Market share and vertical integration were seen as potential indicators of market power.’
    • ‘The idea that vertical integration increases monopoly power is highly suspect.’
    • ‘But however Acer evolves, Shih vows he won't return to vertical integration.’
    • ‘These problems led them toward increasing vertical integration.’
    • ‘In this setting, coordination is achieved via vertical integration.’
    • ‘What have you learned from that experience of almost total vertical integration?’
    • ‘They have total vertical integration and all of the costs savings that go with that in addition to economies of scale.’
    • ‘Tyson says it's not aiming for the same kind of vertical integration in beef that it has in chicken.’
    • ‘Although Black Swan was itself vertically integrated, vertical integration had drawbacks.’
    • ‘But vertical integration presents new business and competitive issues which today seem increasingly likely to require some future form of regulation.’
    • ‘There was an apparent lack of clear theoretical linkages between vertical integration and market power in the model tested here.’
    • ‘Less expensive technology makes vertical coordination better than vertical integration, Sonka said.’
    • ‘Through vertical integration the same stars are marketed to the public through music, films, television, and advertisements.’
    • ‘A vertical agreement is to some extent a substitute for vertical integration.’
    • ‘We could find no evidence that cost accounting was used to make decisions about the vertical integration of firms.’
    • ‘AT&T fought these efforts and made enormous concessions to the government to retain its vertical integration - until 1995.’


vertical integration

/ˈvərdəkəl ˌin(t)əˈɡrāSHən/ /ˈvərdəkəl ˌɪn(t)əˈɡreɪʃən/