Definition of vertical union in English:

vertical union


  • A union whose members all work in various capacities in a single industry.

    ‘A fascist charade of ‘vertical unions’, which included both workers and bosses, made sure that discipline was maintained.’
    • ‘For years, A.F.L. leaders had recognized in principle the need for vertical unions in mass-production industries.’
    • ‘We must perfect the vertical union, before the horizontal union can be truly realized.’
    • ‘Likewise typesetters, pressmen, engravers and binders should join forces for one vertical union in the printing industry.’
    • ‘These vertical unions brought together both management and workers and were a control tool for management and the dictatorship authorities.’
    • ‘The industrial union is sometimes referred to as a vertical union, since it accepts workers from the least to the most skilled as members.’
    • ‘There is clash over company unions and ‘bargaining agencies,’ the split between old craft and new vertical unions, the thrust of left-wings.’
    • ‘A constitution for the IDIB had been drawn up by the suspect College of Architects, and its professional composition was limited exclusively to vertical unions.’