Definition of very high frequency in English:

very high frequency



(also VHF)
  • The band of frequencies between 30 and 300 megahertz, typically used for broadcasting television signals.

    ‘The peak ground-reaction forces in these impact situations consist of signals with very high frequencies.’
    • ‘Today's business radios use either very high frequency or ultra-high frequency bands.’
    • ‘Ground forces using FM radios that cannot talk to F - 16s overhead because the airmen have only ultra-high frequency or very high frequency radios.’
    • ‘Gagarin used radios that transmitted via the very high frequency, high frequency, and shortwave bandwidths.’
    • ‘Then, too, the number of TV channels was limited to twelve on the very high frequency transmitting band.’
    • ‘Because the springs respond instantaneously, the response at very high frequencies would be expected to be independent of frequency.’
    • ‘The phantoms send small impulses at very high frequencies down the Internet using newly developed fiber optic cables and extremely high bandwidths.’
    • ‘But after trails at very high frequency, Crozier saw the demand was in 1.4 to 1.5Ghz ranges, just above mobile phones and below PC.’
    • ‘It allows you to create ‘virtual wires,’ on very high frequencies, which can link a small network of 802.11 nodes with competitive fiber backhauls.’
    • ‘The structure allows to the domains a hinge-bending mode that appears in the native state as vibrations at very high frequencies.’
    • ‘First, wireless transmissions are sent at very high frequencies, which allows more data to be sent per second.’
    • ‘Most of the noise in a recording resides at very high frequencies.’
    • ‘When stimulated by a magnetic field, Terfenol-D expands and contracts at very high frequency with dramatic force.’
    • ‘The transient can contain very high frequencies up to and beyond the limit of human hearing.’
    • ‘We established a very high frequency radio link to Global Army MARS System via the Eastern Area Gateway at Fort Dietrich, Md.’
    • ‘In analogue cellphones there is a very high frequency FM radio.’
    • ‘The very high frequency is dependent on the length of the repeat.’
    • ‘Echocardiography uses very high frequency sound waves, which are inaudible to human ears.’