Definition of very low frequency in English:

very low frequency

(also VLF)


  • The band of frequencies between 3 and 30 kilohertz.

    • ‘In some range, in some of the frequencies, very low frequencies she'll be 100 times as good as an ordinary hearer.’
    • ‘A more potent RF weapon currently under development is the high powered very low frequency modulator.’
    • ‘The Vanguard's towed sonar array is the Type 2046, which provides passive search capability and operates at very low frequency.’
    • ‘Foghorns have a very high amplitude, and a very very low frequency.’
    • ‘In the T3 simulation, Ala 21 forms hydrogen bonds not at all or at a very low frequency.’
    • ‘This approach helps to reduce the size of the satellites, which do not need to turn out very low frequencies.’
    • ‘He recorded very low frequency, large amplitude signals which meant all the nerves were doing the same thing at the same time.’
    • ‘Tiny insects - thornbugs are about a half inch long - can produce very low frequency sounds more commonly associated with larger animals.’
    • ‘In 1952, the U.S. Navy built a very low frequency transmitting station located at Jim Creek, in Oso, Wash., and it is still in operation.’
    • ‘Recent acoustical studies indicate that males may vocalize to attract females by using a very low frequency call referred to as the ‘A’ call.’
    • ‘Very high and very low frequency sounds are what make up that most nonexistent of genres, microsound.’
    • ‘If we take a look at very low frequency sounds dogs are actually worse at those than we are, so human beings are more sensitive.’
    • ‘The very low frequencies mean that the signal can penetrate far below the surface of the sea, reaching the deeply submerged vessels.’